"In these times of great confusion,
One needs to redefine, rebuild,
And create a new fusion
Between true psychedelia and some jazz playin';
So tune in, turn on,
Drop the needle on the tracks wailin'
Down and you'll discover the world of..."  *
Welcome to the Jazzadelica website: a tour through the musical landscape of Bay Area DJ Rocky Rococo. Jazzadelica champions the influence of jazz on dance music culture. From well-established genres like house, techno, and drum'n'bass, to the burgeoning "leftfield" genres of nu jazz, broken beat, and downtempo, today's dance music producers and DJs are weaving jazz elements into an ever-wider spectrum of styles. Jazzadelica touches upon all of these, and mixes them up with some hip hop, funk, soul, disco, and worldbeat sounds from the African diaspora. It's all good!

the world of Jazzadelica

*   Lyrics excerpted from "Jazadelica" (sic) by Akasha (Wall of Sound Records, 1994)